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Dental Impression Kit

Dental Impression Kit

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Mistakes can be made with impressions. We always offer extra putty. This kit is for existing customers who made a mistake while taking their impressions the first time. If you have not already purchased a product and would like to purchase an impression kit, it will be $19.95. 
This is a replacement dental impression kit at discounted price. The impression kit includes 2 impression trays and 2 putties, 1 base and 1 catalyst. We do charge cost of shipping. 


Practice putting the tray into your mouth about 5 times. Get comfortable.  

Mix the putty for 30 seconds until there is no white. 

Center the tray and putty over your teeth and force your teeth into the putty while the putty is very soft.  

The softer the putty, the deeper and better impression you will have.    

The deeper the impression, the better the final device will fit. 

Leave the putty in the tray.  

 Email us photos of your impressions prior to shipping them to us.

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