How it Works


Our impression kits are included FREE of charge with your purchase.  We provide 1 instructional video, about 20 minutes of tutorials, as well as written instructions to make the process very easy! Send back your approved impressions with the prepaid shipping label. Please allow 10 business days after receiving impressions. Then our Master Technicians will take it from there. Receive your professionally made custom dental appliance in the mail.


You will find in your kit: 1 or 2 sets of impression putty (3 blue and 3 white) along with 2 impression trays: 1 larger and 1 smaller tray for taking your teeth impression. Please select the correct tray size that you think will fit your mouth best. Only one teeth impression will be taken per arch. After deciding which tray size fits you best, take the putty out of each container and begin to quickly mix the blue and white impression putty together. Your mixing time should not extend beyond 30 seconds. The best and recommended mixing action is the bend / fold and knead method. Have a timer available as the material will begin to harden if mixed for more than 30 seconds.

You want to put your teeth forced into the putty while the putty is very soft. Put teeth deep into putty and do not move left or right once the teeth are in the putty. This is very important because this is how distortions occur, and we will request a new impression to make your product. 


When the two putties have formed a uniform blue color (no white should be showing), form the putty into the shape of a log and place it into your impression tray (only place in the middle and outer edge of tray). The impression taking process will spread the putty where it needs to go. Be sure to bite into the middle of the log shape you made. Use a mirror when doing this! Place teeth 1 inch from the front edge of the tray. DO NOT LET YOUR TEETH TOUCH THE TRAY.

NOTE: Taking extra time to get the tray into your mouth and pushing the material over your teeth will cause the putty material to set.  The idea is to be comfortable with the tray in your mouth before putting it in with putty. The correct size tray will have a little wiggle room between all your teeth and the tray. If it is too tight, it is too small. Use the bigger tray we sent you.

The motion to take the impression is one firm push over all the teeth with the same pressure in the front and back. A light push to cover your teeth will not give a good, detailed impression. Do not rock the tray front and back. Do not push and then push again, this will create big distortions and we cannot use this type of impression.

Simply push the putty over your teeth until the tray touches your teeth through the putty. DO NOT BITE DOWN. ONLY USE YOUR FINGERS.  Now hold the tray in place for 3 minutes.


Now that the tray is loaded, place the tray completely inside your mouth without touching the teeth. With your teeth in the center of the tray, 1 inch from the front of the tray, and in one motion, push over your teeth with equal hard force on each side. For an upper teeth impression use your thumbs on the bottom side of the tray to push up with equal force. Use index fingers on the bottom of the tray to push straight down if taking a lower teeth impression. Make sure you capture a deep teeth impression past your gum line.  When you are pushing the tray into place, you want your teeth to naturally rest on the bottom of the tray. Do not bite down, only use your fingers.

The softer the putty is, the deeper and better the impression will be. 

CRITICAL: The tray will need to be held steady for 3 minutes, without even the slightest movement until your timer has beeped and the putty is completely set.


Once the putty has set, remove the impression tray from your mouth by using a firm, up and down motion to introduce air and release the putty material from your teeth. Rinse the tray under cold water to ensure the set. Do not remove the putty from the tray.



Practice putting the tray into your mouth about 5 times. Get comfortable. 

Mix the putty for 30 seconds until there is no white.

Center the tray and putty over your teeth and force your teeth into the putty while the putty is very soft. 

The softer the putty, the deeper and better impression you will have.   

The deeper the impression, the better the final device will fit.

Leave the putty in the tray. 

When placing orders for multiple people, please place one order per person. 

Email us photos of your impressions prior to shipping them to us.

Mistakes happen. Not to worry! 

Email us at and we will be happy to help you. Additional impression kits are discounted to $7.00 and are sold only to existing customers at that price. This includes shipping and handling to you as well as a new impression kit, putty and impression tray(s).  The regular price is $29.95.

Due to hygiene standards and the health and safety of others, we do not re-use impression kits once they have been shipped.