Your EMA Device

Your EMA Device

Morning After Use of The Device 

It is important to understand that after the removal of the device in the morning, the lower jaw, will remain a forward position. We recommend pushing your jaw back into position, then chewing a sugar free piece of gum. You can even purchase an AM Aligner to help with this. this not anything to be alarmed with. It is just how your jaw is positioned throughout the night. 

Adjusting The Connectors 

This is a very simple task, but please be mindful to not apply force when doing so. There is a chance that the button the connectors hook onto may be removed. 

Slide the connector off the button and lightly twist it over the button. There are very small notches this is where the upper arch will be done. The connector that does not have the notch is for the lower. Those will snap on. The smaller the connector, the more the jaw will be placed forward. The device comes with 25MM connectors in place already. 

Customer Experiences with Device 

Many customers will experience some soreness, with the jaw and even with gums. The teeth may be a bit sore during the first few nights. Nothing to be alarmed about, after a few days of using the device, this will subside. 

Keep it Clean 

Make sure to keep your device clean by washing it under cold water each morning. You can add some mouth wash or purchase a cleaner to clean the device, however you choose. 

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