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EMA Snore/Sleep Applince

EMA Snore/Sleep Applince

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The AM Aligner is worn in the mouth in the morning. This is very effective way to relax the teeth and mouth muscles after wearing the EMA all night.
Yes! please rush my order.
10-12 business days is standard laboratory time.

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  •  FDA approved
  • Dentist approved
  • Made for optimal comfort 
  • Myerson or 3D version
  • 3D printed devices are Keystone soft
  • Easy to adjust connectors for a comfortable fit
  • Soft comfortable layer inside 
  • Hard exterior for teeth protection 
  • Does no work with dentures 
  • If you have scans or models, email us at:
  • 30 Nights Risk Free - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dental lab turnaround time is,12-14 working business days, from the day we receive your impressions. 

Dental impression kit includes, 3 blue, 3 white and 2 upper and 2 lower trays. Instructions include a video for viewing and step by step instructions. If you make a mistake, you can order another kit for $7.00. The kit will include a return label and envelope. 
Please send pictures of your impressions before mailing out. Either by text: (602)-932-4905 or email:

If there is an issue with the device, we will re-make another free of charge within 14 days. Shipping and taxes do apply. We want for you to be fully satisfied with your device. 


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